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E-Statement Enrollment Instructions


1.To enroll in QCU’s E-Statement Service, you must first be enrolled in Q-Net Internet Banking .  

(At the time you set up your account, you were issued a temporary PIN number. That number serves as your temporary PIN number for access Q-Net Internet Banking. Once access is granted, you will be asked to select your permanent password for future Internet Banking Sessions. ) If you need assistance, call 617-479-5558. press 2.


  1. Log into Q-Net Internet Banking from QCU  Home Page  using your Username and Password.
  2. Once in Q-Net Internet Banking,  Select the "E-Statements" tab
  3. You will be prompted to apply and agree to receive account disclosures and your statement in electronic format.

To receive e-mail notification that your e-statement is available for viewing it is extremely important that a current, valid e-mail address is on. If your e-mail changes at any time, please be sure to change it in Q-Net Internet Banking under "My Profile".   

 Please note, E-Statements replace paper statements – you will no longer receive a paper statement in the mail. You will receive an e-mail notification reminder that your estatement is ready for viewing. Members who would like to change their statement delivery option from E-Statements to paper statements, must notify QCU in writing, or via our secure email form or by signing an "Opt Out Form" at our office.  Once processed, you will begin to receive paper statements no later than the following month. Members may print their own statement copies on demand through Q-Net Internet Banking. If QCU provides a printed copy of statements, there will be a $2.00 per statement month charge in accordance with our fee schedule. 




QCU offers financial products and services to individuals who live or work in Norfolk and Plymouth Counties and Dorchester, as well as their families. A $5.00 Primary Share Account is required for Membership. Quincy Credit Union NMLS ID # 407326. Quincy Credit Union ABA Routing and Transit Number: 211385297.
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